Magnetic Asia
Event Services

We deliver world-class event services for a wide range of third-party clients across a multitude of categories. Specialist skills employed with reliability and responsiveness – designed to help any kind of event and experience succeed on every level.

We curate
thrilling artist

We don’t just book artists. We create the right kind of experience by curating a line-up that works for the event and audience. And we handle it all – from contracts to backstage comfort.

We create
unique experiences

From original idea through content curation to onsite design and activations, we deliver the kind of memorable magic audiences demand.

We produce
every detail

From stage production to site management…from crowd safety to licensing…and every conceivable detail in between that ensures a world-class event.

We plan
for success

Our experience as consultants on everything from concept feasibility to financial forecasting to venue sourcing can help guarantee success for your event.

We bring
brands alive

From securing sponsorship to creating on-site branded experiences that enhance the overall event and add value to the sponsor.